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May 2012

- solo exhibition in Tirana, Albania

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June 2012

- group exhibition in Tbilisi, Georgia

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Here is the man.

Ecce homo!


Most of the time people

do not make anything out

of their own life.

They simply allow

the miracle of life to

flow through them,

that beacon of light,

as if the man is a glass

dish without a bottom.

Empty before; empty after

the water has flown

through them.

And they topple on piles,

like sad memories of old

forgotten pitchers.

Rare are the ones

that can differ.

Some that say to


“if you can not make of

yourself what you want

to be, do not miss

the opportunity to be

at least what you can be”.

They make their choice.

“Be an unfinished drawing

of the pitcher”,

they whisper to

themselves at night,

and repeat through

all day long.

They do not keep

everything to themselves.

They keep only the drops

of the April rain, and no other

but the dime light

of the autumn

evening that fades.

They do this, so that his or her

own life does not become

sufficient and distant like

laments of a strange passenger.

There are others, and they can

live only as they like.

They mould their

gift into a nothing

or into a royal cup.

And then they can pour

out the best wine

made from the grapes

of every single

minute they live.

They do not resemble

the goldsmith that wraps

up his best peaces

made out of pearls,

emeralds orjade in

deep green and heavy silk,

and then offer the customers

the boring perfection of

their craftsmanship.

Those are the ones that

share their delight,

and they do not hide

the blisters that drops of

water have left have left

like measles marks

on the epithelium

of their souls.

Any live is too short

for our souls.

The man, he is the one

exploring the riddle,

himself being the riddle

of all riddles!


With the works of this period,

Denis Tenev has

built an artistic epopee of the

endless craving through which

the man plunges into the deepest

and rises to the highest.

Leonardo and Michelangelo

mirror in their works

the gestures, convulsions and

concentration of the ones that

have meet with both

Heaven and Hell.

\X/ith as little as this,

in terms of technical

prejudices, as theywould

have in our days,

through images like

volcanic eruptions,

Denis notes the sequences

through which the man is

proving his own identity.

The endless search for

the best is his best alibi.

If God transcends his

universal task through

the man and thus obtains

his axiological instrument,

it is then quitelegitimate

for the man to fulfill his ]

axiological need through

his own work; the camel

brush, the peace of coal,

with colors extracted from

the plants during their

pre-mortal agony,

or with the help of

a precise needle with which

computers sprinkle their juices,

the sputum, the tears

and the blood,

on the technically

immaculate glowing,

but mute peace of paper.

Maximalistic in

his preparations,

this cycle is such in

his finale as well.


Original, firm, painted

with the inner eye

that does not blink,

looking straight

to the vision that lays

in front of us

its wonderful and

impressive testimonies.


Ferid Muhic (April, 2001)



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